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Puncture repairs and tyre fitting in Arbroath

At Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery, our team can supply and fit quality budget, premium and mid-range tyres to suit any make or model of vehicle. If you’re looking for new tyres or you’re worried about your tread depth, then you’ll be guaranteed customer satisfaction when coming to Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery.

A wide range of tyres to suit you

Based in Arbroath, we fit and supply a wide range of well-known brand tyres to suit any budget. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand of tyre or looking for premium, mid-range or budget tyres, we’ll be able to find the right tyres for you and your car. Not only do we make sure we get your great quality tyres, we’ll fit them to your exact manufacturer specifications complete with valves and road testing.

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Advice and guidance on your tyres

Car tyres are, unfortunately, one of the most common failings when it comes to your MOT, so make sure that you’re in the know about your tyres. Not only can we fit and repair tyres, but we are always more than happy to help our customers out by providing them with guidance on their wheel alignment, balancing and tyres tread. If you’re not sure whether your tyre tread is impacting the safety of your tyres, we can check it for your with a free tyre check. We’ll also be able to advise you to know when to look for it yourself. In addition to that, if you think your tyres are wearing unevenly, it could indicate a problem with your wheel alignment.

Each car’s wheels are set to certain angles to ensure that it handles and drives the way that it was designed. If something, such as a kerb or pothole, has slightly altered this, it can mean your tyres wear unevenly and need to be changed more often that would normally be necessary. As a garage that our customers rely on, we don’t want you to have to shell out for more than is what is necessary to keep your car in working order and running at full potential. That’s why we’re always happy to provide advice and visual inspections on vehicles to make sure you’re getting the right repairs for you.

Booking online for tyre repairs and fitting

If you’re worried about your tyres, have a puncture or need a new tyre fitted, we’re on hand to help. Our team are experts in making sure our customer’s cars are safe on the roads. You can book online or contact us during opening hours to find an appointment at Prime Auto Repair and Recovery. We provide affordable, quality garage services in Arbroath that our customers can rely on.

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