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Repairs you want for your car in Arbroath

We’ve been working on cars for a long time, which means not only do we know what we’re doing but we’ve worked with every type of make and model too. Sourcing the best quality parts that match or are equivalent to manufacturer parts and using the latest equipment, Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery and fully prepared to take on any repairs you need for your vehicle.

Cars, vans, light goods vehicles, motorbikes, we can take on the lot, no matter how big or small the repairs are. We understand that getting repairs isn’t exactly your favourite thing about owning your car, which is why we make sure we get you value for money on all parts and labour.

Investing in your car

We make sure that quality parts are always sourced and fitted professionally to your vehicle so that you can maintain its lifespan and keep it running for longer. In addition to regular servicing, sometimes general wear and tear can occur meaning that you have to fork out for unexpected repairs. At Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery, we’ve always made sure that our recommendations mean customers can get the repairs their car needs in order to keep it on the roads for longer. Owning a car is an investment, and keeping it well-maintained ensures that it keeps its value. Getting regular servicing or visiting a garage when warning lights come on, mean that we can prevent any major or irreparable damage from happening before it’s too late.

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We’re a garage you can rely on

We make sure that we provide services that keep our customers in good faith. We care about our clients and want them to leave happy and confident that their car is working in good order. Not only do we source and fit quality parts, but our team have the experience to provide repairs on your car that you can trust. We’ll even do it with a friendly face! Our team are highly skilled, professional and don’t just talk the talk. We’re committed to providing a garage in Arbroath that customers know they can get great car repairs from.

Full range of repairs

Whether you’re looking for repairs during and MOT or service or for a specific part of your car, such as the brakes, tyres, suspension or cambelt, we can provide it at Prime Auto Repair and Recovery. New or old, low or high mileage, we’ll take in the specifics and make sure that each repair is conducted subject to your car’s specific needs. Book online today or contact us for specific repairs and we’ll make sure your car is in good hands.

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