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Car diagnostic tests and engine repairs in Arbroath

Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery offer engine diagnostics and testing for all vehicles in the Arbroath and surrounding areas. We’ve got the latest equipment and expert technicians to make sure we find the route of all your car problems.

Warning lights coming up in your car

If you’ve got warning lights that are illuminating on the dashboard, then it could be a sign of trouble with your vehicle. Your warning lights are designed to come on when there’s a problem with your car, so ignoring this could mean you could cause more damage to your vehicle as time goes on. Paying attention to problems early on could save you a fortune on major repairs and even help save your car from irreparable damage.

When you bring your car to Prime Auto Repairs and Recovery, we’ll run a full engine diagnostic test on your car to find out what’s causing the warning light to come up. We’ll then let you know what repairs are needed in order to get your car back on track.

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Car diagnostic tests

Most vehicle’s these days have a built-in computer called the Engine Control Unit or ECU. This ensures that your car is performing well and that all parts in your vehicle are functioning properly. Continuously connected to certain parts of your car, it senses when temperatures are too high and when fluids level get too low as well as detecting any problems. When connected to our diagnostic equipment in our Arbroath garage, it sends an error code which can be translated by our mechanics to find the exact location of the problem.

Car repairs

If your diagnostic test means that your car needs repairs, we’ll contact you with all the details. We’ll let you know what needs to be repaired and how much it will all cost for you to let us know if you’d like us to go ahead. We’ll make sure your car is in working order, with quality parts that are fitted and road tested before we contact you to pick up your car.

Courtesy cars available

If your car needs to be with us for a little longer to make sure it’s safe on the roads, we can provide a courtesy car so you don’t have to go without. We’ll give you plenty of notice on your repairs and subject to approval, you can have a vehicle to use until we can get yours back to you. Book online today for car diagnostic tests and repairs.

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